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Groundtrax Environmental Services Inc.

The head office and plant is located at 12 Loyalist Drive, within the Brighton Municipal Industrial Park, 5 kilometres south of highway 401, between Toronto and Kingston and includes a 40,000 sq.ft. production facility, a two acre compounded yard and seven acres of outside storage.

Groundtrax quickly acquired a reputation for offering the best available environmental solutions. With offices in Brighton, Ontario and Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, we are able to service an even wider range of clientele requiring an even broader scope of expertise.

Armed with the necessary licenses and permits from the appropriate Environmental agencies, Groundtrax has developed unique cost efficient remediation methods, waste recycling sites and mobile ground water treatment units. Our clients have had Environmental Assessments performed to C.C.M.E. Phase I, II, and III guidelines with comprehensive understandable reports accepted by all major Canadian Banks.

Many banks today require an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), when there is a real estate transaction taking place. Nobody today wants to have a liability issue when acquiring a new property. By having an outside firm do the ESA the bank and or homeowner can be put at ease knowing that there are no known existing environmental problems.
Our staff is trained to collect and interpret data and are able to turn this raw, highly scientific data into numbers and terms that are understandable to the client. Clients are constantly updated throughout the project and are kept up to date with the findings and results. This results in the client’s needs being met through a team approach, consultations and with uncompromised integrity in meeting all-party goals.

Recently there have been changes regarding requirements for the management of residential fuel oil storage tank systems. As a homeowner you must know that an underground storage tank (UST) can potentially be an environmental liability. We recommend that homeowners should have their UST tested to make sure that it is in good condition and not leaking. Groundtrax offers certified underground fuel tank testing, removal and closure services.

Groundtrax takes pride in its many long-time associations and continually develops cost-effective cleanup strategies, and environmental solutions to minimize operational disruptions.

Certified Phase I/II/III Environmental Site Assessments

Groundtrax three-phased assessment process determines the existence or potential for environmental impact and includes verification sampling and analysis. A preliminary report with recommendations is prepared for client consultation and costing should reclamation service be required to meet land use regulations. Groundtrax certified assessment reports have been accepted by all major banks and regulatory authorities.

Certified Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)

Complete fuel system leak testing, tank removal, water treatment, etc. Certified contractor, detailed report and permits included.

Client Confidence and Security

Client communication is the basis of our growing reputation. Step by step emergency recovery and assessment services keep the client fully informed. Progressive monitoring assures cost effective recovery and minimizes the potential for client liability. The client receives detailed confidential records of all work performed, results of sampling and current site condition.

Emergency Response – Home Heating Fuel Spills

Mobile Contaminated Soil/Water Treatment
Groundtrax mobile treatment unit systems are fully self-contained, access almost any area, and do not disturb ordinary business activities. Treatment capabilities include: (a) under buildings, concrete slabs and road ways, (b) around or under tanks, subsurface utilities and (c) into excavation pits, fractured rock, stockpiled soil, etc.